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About Us

Custom Sports Photography has an experienced staff and the desire to build a long-lasting relationship with your league, club, or school. We have completed the circle in this business from a parent to board member to team manager and now a business owner. Our goal is to make sure all aspects of your picture day are successful. You will receive top-notch customer service and follow through... WE FOLLOW THROUGH ON OUR PROMISES!!

  • First Rate Photography –  At Custom Sports we strive to capture great shots of your athletes so you can have moments that will last a lifetime.
  • Photoday is completely online - With your photoday completely online, viewing and ordering has now become enjoyable. You can browse the images we take and the products we offer to mix and match for the very best we have to offer.
  • Superb Products – We offer many products including composite memory mates, plaques, specialty products like trading cards, key-chains, & sculptures. You can purchase digital downloads of images & receive them in an instant.
  • Customer Service – We will work with you personally to find the best services to make sure your picture day is successful. Whether you have 20 or 750 athletes we are known for running a smooth and organized photoday.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – All of our products include a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your product, simply contact us and we will take care of your problem.

As a parent of 3, I was continually on the go at my children's sporting events. I am sure you all know that means lots of picture days. As my children got older, I decided to get involved with a league as a team parent in charge of picture day. This began to provide me with the knowledge of what makes a successful picture day. For the last several years I have successfully worked in the industry of sports photography.

I decided to start "Custom Sports Photography, LLC" so my clients can have a custom experience based on their needs. I will work directly with my clients to make sure all aspects of the fundamentals are being met.

April Hardy - Owner of Custom Sports Photography, LLC